24 tracks of jazz music for FREE

24 tracks of jazz music for FREE
Free Jazz Music

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For all you jazz and music fans, if you are interested in some free music, we have something interesting for you. You can download over one hour of jazz music for FREE from Jazz Greats featuring many classic stars. Swing That Music is a collection of 24 tracks which can be downloaded into your MP3 player, complete with PDF files of the collection guide and the CD inlay.

The album has a total running time of 69 minutes and 22 seconds and it can be downloaded onto a PC or Mac. You can listen to the music right there on the computer and you can transfer it to your MP3 player to listen on the go. The album features some of the most legendary names in jazz including Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Benny Goodman, Peggy Lee, and a host of other names.

The free music collection includes:


  • 24 tracks (mp3 files)
  • 1 collection guide (pdf)
  • 2 CD front inlays (pdf)
  • 1 CD back inlay (pdf)

How to get it


  • Visit the Jazz Greats free sample website
  • Type your email address twice in the two boxes provided
  • Read the T&C and click on the tick box to confirm their policies
  • Type in the verification number in the box provided
  • Click on the ‘Email Download Link’
  • Click on the link when they have sent you the email to download the collection
  • Enjoy some cool jazz music…for free
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