Download “Go the F*** to Sleep” audiobook for FREE

Download “Go the F*** to Sleep” audiobook for FREE
'Go the F*** to Sleep' book cover

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Known as the children’s book for adults, the explicit audiobook ‘Go the F*** to sleep’ is available to download from Audible.co.uk for FREE. Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, the free audiobook is only available for a limited time and it has already proving to be a big hit with parents who have seen the funny side. A word of warning: this audiobook (obviously) contains strong language.

This hilarious mock-up of bedtime stories for adults was originally written by the author Adam Mansbach. Now the audiobook is read by the award-winning actor Samuel L. Jackson who brilliantly brings out the difficulty that adults have when it comes to trying to get the kids to sleep.


The audiobook has an average rating of 5/5 stars on Audible.co.uk and the hardcopy of the book received 4/5 stars on GoodReads.com. It has been described as hilarious with brilliant narration by Samuel L. Jackson. Since the language is quite explicit, it’s probably not a good idea to read the book to your kids as a bedtime story.

Don't forget that you can log in with your Amazon account to register with Audible.co.uk. And if you have enjoyed the audiobook, you can get the hardcopy of this best-selling book which includes great artwork, for only £6.49 with free delivery from Amazon or £4.54 for the Kindle version.

  • Enia wrote on 2011/06/22

    Such a funny book!

  • Terry wrote on 2011/06/21

    Surprisingly good.

  • Pete wrote on 2011/06/21

    Samuel L. Jackson is the perfect narrator for this audiobook. Love it!

  • Mikey wrote on 2011/06/21

    I admit that I was surprised at the title of the book. But being a parent, I downloaded it anyway and I actually enjoyed it.

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