Glastonbury MP3 albums for only £1.00 this week – new album each day

Glastonbury MP3 albums for only £1.00 this week – new album each day
Glastonbury Albums for only £1.00

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UPDATE 22.06.2011

Today's Glastonbury album for only £1.00 is DJ Shadow - Endtroducing, a masterpiece of electronic music. Check back tomorrow for a new MP3 album at an unbeatable price.

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Download some fantastic music albums from the bands featured in this year’s Glastonbury Festival line-up and pay only £1.00 per album. There is a different album on offer each day and you’ll save yourself a huge amount over the regular prices for each album. Some of the albums on offer this week include DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing, The Chemical Brothers’ Push The Button and Innerspeaker by Tame Impala.

Get in the festival mood this week with some amazing music from top acts such as The Chemical Brothers, DJ Shadow and Tame Impala, to name but a few. There will be a new album available each day for the excellent price of only £1.00, so check amazon.co.uk daily to see what’s on offer. They’ll also tell you what’s on offer tomorrow. Today, (Tuesday 21st) it’s Tame Impala’s Innerspeaker and tomorrow it will be DJ Shadow’s landmark album Endtroducing.

To get your £1.00 albums, visit the Glastonbury Festival page on amazon.co.uk and click on the album title that is featured on that particular day. Download the full album for just £1.00 and save a huge amount over the regular price for each title.

  • mimi wrote on 2011/06/22

    thanks for the info

  • John wrote on 2011/06/22

    DJ Shadow is so cool!

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