Misfits Series 1& 2 [DVD] – only £10.99 with free delivery

Misfits Series 1& 2 [DVD] – only £10.99 with free delivery
Misfits Series 1 & 2 on DVD
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The Misfits Series 1 & 2 DVD Box Set is now available from HMV for the great price of just £10.99 with free delivery. This deal saves you 20% over the next best available price.

Darkly comic, continually surprising and engaging, Misfits centres around 5 young adults in the middle of a community service programme. An unexpected thunder storm proves quite life changing as they are (four of them anyway) given super powers and causes more problems for them than anything. Relationships are made and broken as the show progresses and you'll be kept on the edge of your seat waiting for the next episode as the story gets deeper and deeper.

The next best price for this DVD set is £13.79 from base.com. Purchasing series 1 & 2 from HMV saves you £2.80, 20% respectively over the next best price.


Misfits Series 1 & 2 details:

  • Classification: 18 due to sexual references, violence and bad language
  • Number of discs: 4
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 600 minutes

This series 1 & 2 collection has a high average customer rating of 4.5/5 on amazon.co.uk and 5/5 on hmv.com. Customers describe the show as funny, smart and engaging with sometimes serious issues handled excellently. The BAFTA award winning show is also praised for its excellent soundtrack. The show has a very high IMDB rating of 9/10.

Misfits is a rather special show, it’s focused around 5 delinquents, but manages to create something both funny and dramatic at the same time. Get the complete first and second series of this excellent show on DVD and see what everyone’s talking about.

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