1 month’s FREE subscription to Marvel Comics online

1 month’s FREE subscription to Marvel Comics online
Free Marvel Comics Online

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All you comic book fans out there, we’ve got a fantastic freebie for you! You can now get a one month’s subscription to Marvel Comics online for FREE. This subscription normally costs $9.99, but you get it for nothing when you use the code CAP734. You do not need to add payment details to get this month long subscription free of charge. This offer expires on the 31st of July 2011.

With over 7000 comics available, Marvel Comics online is the perfect place for you to immerse yourself in the animated world and now you can get carried away with title upon title, but pay nothing for it! Spiderman, X-Men, Daredevil and many more titles are available for you to read online.

To get FREE comics online until the 31st of July, simply add the promotional code CAP734 and fill in the required information. After that, all you’ll have to worry about is which comic to pick from the extensive collection of over 7000 titles.

  • Savy wrote on 2011/06/20

    Now I just have to find something else to spend my comics money on :D

  • SBone wrote on 2011/06/20

    How did you find this guys? It's so cool!

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