Get a £20 voucher for £5 on up to 3 Audiobooks

Get a £20 voucher for £5 on up to 3 Audiobooks

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Up to 3 Audiobooks from weread4you.com are now available for only £5 with this amazing groupon.co.uk voucher. This deal saves you 86% over the RRP and is available only today and tomorrow!

In our spare time, while travelling or even on our way to work in the morning, books keep us entertained. They relax us, keep our minds sharp or make us dream. Audiobooks are even greater fun. There is no effort involved from your part, someone else does the reading and you just have to listen. With this Groupon voucher and a selection of over 8,000 titles from weread4you.com you will have lots of listening to do. This Groupon voucher gets you the award-winning book “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel and up to 2 additional books from weread4you.com. All their audiobooks are included in this offer. They can all be instantly downloaded and are compatible with a wide selection of devices from your computer to Mp3 players and even your iPhone.

Groupon.co.uk is offering you this £20 voucher for only £5 and an additional copy of the award-winning book “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel saving you £31.89, 86% respectively.

Deal details:

  • £20 weread4you.com online voucher for only £5 including the award-winning book “Life of Pi”
  • 2 months voucher validity on all books from weread4you.com
  • Voucher activates on January 21st
  • One voucher per person allowed
  • Voucher not valid in conjunction with other offers
Why we like this deal: This 2 days only deal from groupon.co.uk offers great savings on Audiobooks and is a great opportunity if you want to catch up with the newest books available. It is not only convenient because you instantly download the books, but also practical because you can listen to your favourite books at anytime, anywhere. Make the most of your commute to work and select from a wide range of titles.
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