Maeve Binchy: Minding Frankie [Paperback] – Only £4.07 with free delivery

Maeve Binchy: Minding Frankie [Paperback] – Only £4.07 with free delivery
Maeve Binchy: Minding Frankie
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Maeve Binchy’s latest book ‘Minding Frankie’ is available to purchase on paperback copy from Amazon for just £4.07 with free delivery. This deal saves you 10% over the next best price that we could find.

The popular author Maeve Binchy has been praised for her 'Minding Frankie' book with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars on Amazon and 4/5 stars from the readers at GoodReads.com. For some people, it's their favourite Binchy book with most fans absolutely delighted about her latest work.

‘Minding Frankie’ is a story of baby Frankie who was born with a mother who didn’t know have to take care of her child and a father who is an alcoholic yet he is Frankie’s best hope for love and care. But with that relationship comes more complications and Frankie becomes at the heart of everyone’s lives.

Maeve Binchy is a successful author from Dublin, Ireland who has written dozens of books, short stories and a collection of other work. Most of her stories are based in Ireland and touch on the difficulties between urban and rural life and the differences between the nation and England.

The next best price that we could find for the book is £4.49 from Waterstones, which is 10% more than the best deal at Amazon. You can also purchase the Kindle version of the book for £6.99.

  • Michelle wrote on 2011/06/14

    She's my mum's favourite author, so now I know what to get for her birthday. Thanks!

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