Pair of Treadz Espadrilles – only £18.45 including delivery

Pair of Treadz Espadrilles – only £18.45 including delivery
Treadz Espadrilles
Deal Price Next Best Price You Save £18.45 £40.35 £21.90

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Get a pair of Espadrilles from Treadz with a Groupon voucher for only £18.45 (£13.50 + £4.95 delivery). You could also use the voucher for a pair of Treadz sneakers for £23.90 (£18.95 + £4.95 delivery). This deal saves you £21.90, 62% respectively off the regular price of Treadz shoes.

Treadz espadilles and sneakers are comfortable, stylish, come in vibrant colours, and are great for summer. They are available both for women and men and you only have to pay £18.45 for a pair of espadrilles and £23.90 for a pair of sneakers.

The canvas sneakers and espadrilles from Treadz have leather insoles and rubber outsoles. We like the unique designs and for under £20.00 they are worth a try just to stand out from the crowd. This style is becoming increasingly popular and espadilles are the latest must-have look for the summer.

Treadz Espadrilles and sneakers deal details

  • Alison wrote on 2011/07/11

    I got my voucher from another site too. Ordered some espadrilles the minute teh deal went live. Company website stated max. 6 business days for delivery - took 3 weeks to arrive. Then they sent a pair different to what was ordered!. After contacting them they say the pair I ordered does not exist and that the photo and description on their website was wrong!! Very unhelpful!! I will not be ordering from Treadz again!

  • CarolineS wrote on 2011/07/05

    actually got my voucher from a different site but am doing some digging on this company as they are being quite vague on what is actually happening. They sent me a pair but they got lost in the post. I have emailed and rung repeatedly but I am still waiting for a answer as to what is happening about a replacement pair as they seem to be totally out of stock. Really disappointed also.

  • Sarah WoD wrote on 2011/06/26

    Hi sharon
    We know how it feels. The entire team at WoD bought this deal and we are also waiting for the items to come back in stock. We are checking daily so if you wish, we could send you a reminder once the items are back in stock. Just let us know if you want this.
    Sarah WoD

  • sharon wrote on 2011/06/24

    I got this deal but everyone still out of stock so no chance of getting them for my holiday, so disappointed

  • Manny wrote on 2011/06/08

    I think I'll get some sneakers. Price sounds good for around £24

  • Fanny wrote on 2011/06/08

    Thanks for the tip. Forgot to check Groupon today.

  • Jenny wrote on 2011/06/08

    These look so lovely!

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