Top 15 April Fool’s 2011 Shopping and Deals Pranks

Top 15 April Fool’s 2011 Shopping and Deals Pranks
Groupon Royal Wedding Tickets

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It is never a normal April Fool’s Day without the odd prank here and there. Since we have been playing pranks on each other (by telling the boss that none of us are coming in to work today…..sorry boss), we couldn’t leave you out of it.

We have searched high and low for the best April Fool’s pranks for all you shoppers, diners and bargain-hunters out there and we’ve selected some of the best ones for you.

MyVoucherCodes - 50% Discount off Royal Wedding Ticket

Seeing as it's a royal wedding, not all of us are lucky enough to receive an invitation. Thankfully, there is a voucher code which you can use to get 50% discounts on Royal Wedding tickets. Hopefully most people will realise that the tickets are not on sale to members of the general public. You could try and see if you can get a discount. If you do...get some for us as well.

Is Nando’s really going to close down?

Nando’s restaurant, famous for their Peri-Peri sauce, played a little trick on everybody today. One of the Twitter trends in the UK on 1st April 2011 was #ripnandos and rumours suddenly spread that the popular chicken-based restaurant will be closing down. Devoted followers (those who initially believed it) were outraged. Others were shocked, upset and even panicked a bit…until Nando’s has submitted a message on their website, Facebook page and Twitter.

Groupon UK – Royal Wedding Tickets with Access to After-Party and Glass of House Wine

Another great deal for those who would like attend Prince William and Kate Middleton’s upcoming wedding on 29th April 2011. Groupon UK had a deal, and what a deal it is?! Two tickets to the Royal wedding, access to the after-party and a glass of wine? It's a snip at £8.00 ($13) considering that it normally costs £1200 ($1900). It's a shame that it sold out...all 1,235 tickets.

Domino’s Scratch & Sniff iPhone App

Never mind the pizzas, if this works, Domino’s can live off this app alone. Via the Domino’s Facebook page, Domino’s has “introduced” their new iPhone app where you can actually smell your pizza cooking. Apparently, they use the latest aroma technology called ‘sm-app’ which releases small amounts of pizza scent when you purchase your pizza. All you have to do is to scratch and sniff the mouth-watering Pepperoni Passion pizza.


Dress up as a fish get a free sushi at Yo Sushi!

Maybe this actually happened, but there’s nothing to suggest this. Another Facebook page promotion, Yo Sushi! is encouraging diners to come in dressed up as a fish and they will give you a meal for free. Some people joined in and commented whether a lobster or mermaid would suffice. We would love to see pictures of people dining at the restaurant in fancy dress. But just like a lot of April Fools offers, they also sound a bit fishy to us.



Richard Branson Buys Planet Pluto

Virgin has pretty much covered everything: airlines, banks, music, cosmetics, gyms…and now they are setting their sights on Pluto after Richard Branson bought the planet. Maybe they are planning to move all of their businesses and customers to Pluto, via the Virgin Galactic plane which will fly them all to space.

Marmite flavoured lip balm by Vaseline

We’ve heard the saying “you either love it or hate it” from the Marmite adverts. Via Vaseline’s Facebook Page, they have released their latest product: Marmite flavoured pocket-sized lip balm. Forget the strawberry, peach or coconut flavour, Marmite flavour is the one to choose. Put it this way, you can use it on your lips and smear on the toast at the same time. And at just £1.99, it’s a great idea since it can operate as two products in one.


Marmite Flavoured Vaseline

PlayMobil Apple Store

This must have made the Apple fanboys crazy: a Playmobil set based on a typical Apple store. Live the dream by “working and playing” at an Apple store and be part of Steve Job’s revolutionary technology…or you can just go back to your LEGO.

Edible Metro Newspaper

None of us like the long and dreaded commute to and from work. Thankfully, there is always the free Metro newspaper handy (where would we be without them?). Even better is fact that they are edible. The morning Metro paper will “bring you news in the best possible taste”. Even the culinary alchemist chef Heston Blumenthal gave his approval. Well, he would say that, considering that he serves bacon and egg ice creams at his world renowned restaurant The Fat Duck (and that’s no joke).

Edible Metro Newspaper

Firebox gadgets – What’s a bacon inhaler?

Firebox are very well known for their exciting array of gadgets and toys. If only their April Fool jokes were actually true: Re-Cycle Cardboard Bike, Adult Naughty Step, Family Slanket, Powdered Beer, and even a bacon inhaler to help you quit eating meat.

Use iPad 2 as plates at a restaurant

There is a new restaurant in the swanky neighbourhood of Soho right in the heart of London, called Tableau. What’s special about it? You will eat your food on an iPad 2. It seems to have received good reviews so maybe we should pop-in for lunch.

IKEA Dog Highchair

Are your dogs driving you crazy during dinner time? Don’t worry, just pop down to IKEA and buy the dog high chair. It’s practical, useful, and your dogs will certainly feel like they are part of the family now.

SEAT Regional GPS

If you are bored of the automatic and robotic voice that nags at you on your GPS, never fear. SEAT have released the new S.M.A.R.T state-of-the-art GPS which will give you the regional accent where you are travelling. Drive through Glasgow: “Aye, right… you’ve made it at last then, eh? Yer numpty.’ Or maybe you are visiting relatives in East London: “Awright geezer, it’s straight on at these lights, innit?” Or maybe you just have a good old moan: “Raining again! Glad you got those wiper blades changed now, aren’t you?”

Children-Only Airline

Travelling with kids can be a bit of a pain. And it’s not easy to send them on holidays or to visit relatives alone. Well if you use Urchin Airways, you can do that. They specialise in providing services that allow children to travel by themselves. No over 16s are allowed, the cabin crews will dress up as clowns and they can snack on gobstoppers and cheese strings whilst listening to the Oompa-Loompas singing. The airline will also have a parallel service for adults-only flights for parents who wants to travel child-free. The take-off and landings of the two planes will be just minutes apart, ensuring that the family get reunited at the destination.

BMW M3 Royal Edition

To celebrate Prince William’s marriage, BMW have released a limited Royal edition of the BMW M3 car which is available in three exclusive colours: Regal Red, Bridal White and Imperial Blue. It’s an ideal wedding gift for the happy couple if anybody is successful in purchasing the tickets for the Royal Wedding as mentioned above.

BMW M3 Royal Edition

Which are your favourites? Actually, the main question would be whether you would buy any of them if they were real.

And if you have seen any other brilliant April Fool's pranks, let us know by commenting below. We would love to see them.

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