Black Friday Sales on amazon.co.uk

Black Friday Sales on amazon.co.uk
amazon.co.uk Black Friday Sales

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Black Friday Week on amazon.co.uk - What is this all about?

amazon.co.uk has come up with a special promotion event for this year’s Black Friday: Starting from next Monday, 22th November amazon.co.uk will be offering limited time discounts on selected products from well known brands.

We expect to see some less attractive deals on end-of-lifetime products or products available elsewhere for the same price, but there will definitly be some really hot deals among them too. The discounted products change frequently over the day, so you have to check back regularly not miss a deal!

Discounts of over 50% will be applied on selected products including TVs, Gaming Consoles, Outdoor Equipment, Beauty Products and Fashion Accessories. The respective product brands include Sony, Nintendo and Orchira to name a few.

What is Black Friday? Black Friday ist the day that follows Thanksgiving in the USA. This year it ist he 26th of November. Black Friday is traditionally the day that markst the beginning of Christmas shopping with retailers offering big discounts on most of their products.

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