Batman: Arkham City [PS3] - £27.88 including delivery

Batman: Arkham City [PS3] - £27.88 including delivery
Batman: Arkham City PS3
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The Batman: Arkham City video game for the Playstation 3 is available to purchase from Sendit.com for just £27.88 including deliverey (£25.89 + £1.99 p&p). This PS3 game deal will save you 15% from the next best price at SimplyGames.com.

Batman: Arkham City is one of the most exciting games of the year and it has rightly received acclaim by critics and gamers all around the world.

The action-adventure game mixes the use of the stealth and predator strategies in an open world. It now includes improved and new weapons when compared to the previous game Arkham Asylum with an enhanced gliding ability too. The “Freeflow” combat system allows the player to possess a much more fluid, powerful and exciting fighting techniques when controlling Batman.

Taking place one year after Arkham Asylum, the sequel Arkham City follows the story of the warden turned Gotham City mayor Quincy Sharp who has taken credit for stopping the Joker’s asylum takeover. In order to control the city’s criminal activities, he has taken a large area of Gotham’s slum and converted it into an open-air prison named Arkham City. All prisoners are given a free rein so long as they do not attempt to escape, but Batman feels that he must keep watch as he is concerned that the situation will get out of hand.

Batman Arkham City reviews:

You can also purchase Arkham City on Xbox 360 for the same price of £27.88 including delivery via Sendit.com, which is currently the cheapest price around for the Xbox 360 game.

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