Halo: Reach Limited Collector's Edition [Xbox 360] - Just £23.85 with free delivery

Halo: Reach Limited Collector's Edition [Xbox 360] - Just £23.85 with free delivery
Halo: Reach Limited Collector's Edition on Xbox

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A fantastic offer from shopto.net who are selling the Halo: Reach Limited Collector's Edition on Xbox for just £23.85 including shipping. This deal will save you 15% over the next best price that we could find.

Halo: Reach is the story of the Noble Team, a team consisting of brave Spartan soldiers who are on Planet Reach which is known to be humanity's last line of defense between the evil Covenant and Earth. And in this collector's edition, you can get your own pieces of the Halo series such as booklets, badges and patches.

The next best price that we could find for Xbox's Halo: Reach Collector's Edition was £27.95 from 101cd.com. The deal from shopto.net will save you £4.10, 15% respectively.

Product Details:

  • Game disc and manual, which is protected in the recovered ONI 'black box'
  • Exclusive set of Elite armour for use in multiplayer mode
  • Notes and documents from the original developer of the SPARTAN programme, Dr Catherine Halsey
  • ONI Security badge owned by Dr Halsey
  • Embroidered patch of SPARTAN II
It is no surprise that there are many customers who has enjoyed the game. Dozens of customers who have purchased the game on amazon.co.uk have rated it as 5/5 stars. Game editorial reviewer has also rated the game as 92%, a score which is based on a collection of 66 reviews. They have all highly praised the stunning graphical design, extraordinary features, impressive sounds and entertaining gameplay.

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Why we like it?

If there is one game out there which defines Xbox's entire gaming revolution, it is Halo. And it is no surprise. Over the past 10 years, Halo has been a blockbuster hit and massing millions of followers. There are many people have purchased an Xbox console JUST to play the Halo franchise. It is not just a story line which has captured everyone's imagination, but also the outstanding multi-player and online gaming features which means you can continue playing the game even after completing it. And the chance to own a limited collector's edition at this price is also an offer which cannot be refused. You haven't truly used your Xbox 360 console to its maximum potential without playing the Halo games.

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