Rock Band 3 with Wireless Keyboard [Wii] – just £42.99 with free delivery

Rock Band 3 with Wireless Keyboard [Wii] – just £42.99 with free delivery
Nintendo Wii game and accessory
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Get Rock Band 3 together with the Mad Catz Wireless Keyboard for just £42.99 with free delivery from Zavvi’s outlet store on eBay. This deal will save you 28% over the next best price for the same Wii game bundle and 38% if purchased separately.

Rock Band 3 is the ultimate social and interactive music game for the Nintendo Wii. It contains 83 of best bands in the world including somewhich have never appeared in the game before and an immediate access to over 2000 songs. You can expand your band by adding guitar, bass, drums and solo voice (accessories not included) and of course, for the first time ever – a keyboard.

The Wireless Keyboard is an innovative new addition to the franchise and its versatility allows you to play on a tabletop or strapped over your shoulder like an electric guitar. The keyboard also acts as a MIDI controller which allow players to add notes and keys when performing either solo or with a band.

The next best price that we could find for the game and accessory bundle is £59.88 (£57.89 + £1.99 PP) from, which is £16.89, 28% more respectively than the deal on eBay . If purchased separately, the cheapest price for the game and keyboard is £12.95 from and £59.95 from Zavvi respectively. This brings it to a total of £72.90, which is £29.91 more than the game deal on eBay.

Rock Band 3 Wii reviews:

Mad Catz Wireless Keyboard reviews:

  • 4.6/5 stars from BestBuy
  • “Well designed and well made device” as mentioned by IGN
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